Ruqaa Script Brush for Procreate

Ruqaa Script Brush for Procreate

I present to you the Ruqaa Calligraphy Brush for Procreate, this brush is pressure sensitive and deals with the Apple Pencil as if it were a normal pen that deals with pressure, the more pressure you apply the wider of the writing until it reaches the maximum, and the more you reduce the pressure, the writing will be thinner, and this is the origin of the work of real calligraphy pens.

This brush follows the rules of Ruqaa Script Calligraphy, the correct angle of rotation of the brush, with a wide feather shape that makes it very easy to learn Ruqaa.

To master writing by using this brush, the user must train extensively on it so that you are accustomed to applying the correct pressure at every stage of writing.

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please see this video to learn how to download this brush from my site and upload it into Procreate

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