Toumar Pens Brush for Procreate

Toumar Pens Brush for Procreate

I present to you the Toumar pens brush with one slit, which are well-known pens for calligraphers, this pen has a slit at the height of the pen between the Close side and the far side of the writing surface, and it gives a distinctive effect while writing, this brush is sensitive to pressure and deals with the Apple pencil like a normal pen that deals with pressure, whenever I increased the pressure, the width of the writing increased until it reached the maximum, and the more pressure you reduced the writing would be pointed, and this is the origin of the work of real Toumar pens.

This brush follows the rules of the Wessam Font, and the correct angle of rotation of the pen, with a shape that mimics the shape of Toumar pen.

Before purchasing this product individually, I designed integrated brushes for Toumar pens, with one slit, two slits, three and four slits, and they follow the rules of the Wessam font, this single brush writes the Wessam font in the manner of the patch pens correctly to the extent of 80%, and the integrated set writes the Wessam line Professionally, it has two different angles, which cover the cases of the line of patches by close to 100%, and it is intended for those who passed the stage of education in the line of the patches.

To master writing in this brush, the user must train extensively on it so that you are accustomed to applying the correct pressure at each stage of writing.

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please see this video to learn how to download this brush from my site and upload it into Procreate

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